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The anti-aging category established by Dermelect continues to gain traction as an increased relevancy continues to be recognized. Nail damage associated with the use of gel and long-wear nail polish continues to drive the category. Natural nails trends upwards as treatments offering hydrating, smoothing, and strengthening properties increase in consumer demand.
New treatment concepts are constantly being developed by Dermelect. Peptide-infused cuticle removers, nail polish removers and a gel nail repair system are all in production. Treatment nail color lacquers direct from the runways will continue to be introduced bi-annually with limited edition collaborative collections interspersed.
Our client is also becoming more aware of the negative chemicals used by manufacturers. As a direct response, we are testing the use of natural ingredients such as turmeric, soy, coconut extract, almond milk, carrots and kale in our future formulations.
              5-Free: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP,CAMPHOR, & formaldehyde RESIN.
Dermelect Nail Recovery System

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