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The NGCOA Canada Quarterly Pulse Report, presented by Deluxe Payroll, provides operational benchmarking data to assist you in developing strategies for your operation. Surveys are released in February, May, and August annually and focus on one aspect of a golf operation.
The Q2-2023 survey focus was on Simulator Use
Survey Says...
• The results were separated to show the Simulator Use differences based on type of facility. Private clubs indi- cated that 50% had Simulator Only during the off-season, 10% all year, and 40% indicated they did not offer Simulators to their members. Howev- er, it was quite different for the Public (and Semi-Private) Clubs where 74% indicated that they do not offer Simu- lators to golfers, with 23% indicating that they only offer it in the off-season.
• Most clubs price simulator access us- ing a flat hourly rate with a maximum number of players, eg. a foursome.
•Almost half of all simulator installa- tions averaged less than 200 rounds per month during the most recent winter season. Overall, average usage appears to be about 300 rounds per month.
• More than 4 out of 5 simulator instal- lations are used to provide instruction/ lessons.
You can view the complete Q2-2023 NGCOA Canada Quarterly Pulse Report, presented by Deluxe Payroll, by visiting the research section of
  The Pulse of Canadian Golf Course Operations
      Flat Hourly Rate, Maximum # Players
Hourly Rate per Person Variations on Above
Private Clubs
17% 33 50% 100%
Semi-Private & Public
84% 8% 8% 100%
All Respondents
72% 12% 16% 100%
How is Simulator Access Priced?
        Off-Season Simulator Usage – Rounds November 1/22 – March 31/23
  Less than 1K Rounds 1K-2K Rounds 2K-3K Rounds 3K-4K Rounds More Than 4K Rounds Don’t Track Rounds
Private Clubs
33% 16% 33% 0
0 17% 100%
Semi-Private & Public
46% 11% 9% 11% 8% 15% 100%
All Respondents
44% 12% 12% 9% 6% 17% 100%
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