Page 84 - Sub-Zero Wolf Brochure
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Revel in fast, more versatile, and healthier cooking. And marvel at how it happens. The Wolf convection steam oven may be, quite simply, the world’s most versatile oven, as well as the most intelligent. Choose the cooking option combining steam and convection that’s ideal for your dish. The oven’s unique technology senses the amount, size, and shape of the food and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking. Steam vegetables — crisp, flavorful, wholesome — and retain up to 22 percent more vitamins than conventional cooking. Steam-roast poultry that is gloriously brown, miraculously juicy, and done up to 25 percent faster. Steam-bake crusty loaves worthy of a boulangerie. Even rejuvenate leftovers and stale bread to delicious freshness. Or simply select one of the preprogrammed recipes and let the oven prepare the dish, start to finish.

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