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                          Les Secrets du Les du
            Chive Vinegar
Chive vinegar pairs wonderfully with white fish, rice, risotto, or even pasta salad.
 Prep time
   30 minutes
   Cook time
 15 minutes
 Steep time
   2 weeks
• 1 cup (250 ml) apple cider vinegar
• Fines herbes (whole unbloomed chives or a tarragon branch)
• 1 bottle that can be sterilized in boiling water
• Wash fines herbes and dry with paper towel.
• For chives with seed pods, pierce pods to release air. If air is not released, chives will float at the surface of the vinegar.
• Boil vinegar.
• Slide fines herbes into a pretty bottle that has been sterilized. Pour hot vinegar into bottle.
• Seal bottle tightly and let steep upside down for at least two weeks.
 Adding garlic to homemade vinegars is not recommended, as it might turn rancid. If fresh garlic is used, store vinegar in the refrigerator.

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