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What is Nu-Wood?  The Nu-Wood Advantage

 Nu-Wood is a specially formulated polyurethane polymer that is molded to precisely
 replicate common wooden millwork and masonry products. Our products have the fine   EASY INSTALLATION
 details you find in natural materials – the grain of specific wood species, the sand in   Nu-Wood products mount quickly and easily with ordinary construction tools – simply
 mortar, the feel of trim board – minus the complications and expense of installing and   follow standard construction practices.
 maintaining them.
                DURABLE FINISHES
                All our millwork items come with a superior protective finish, compliments of our                           INFORMATION
 Homeowners like Nu-Wood’s great looks and low maintenance. Contractors appreciate
 the value it adds to a build and how easy it is to install.  special in-mold coating plus a factory-applied coat of high-quality primer. And we don’t
                stop there: we bake on the primer so it chemically bonds to the urethane, ensuring a
                consistent, durable finish.
 Looks like wood. Performs even better.

 Our millwood products have an authentic look and feel because we use natural wood to   That means your products arrive ready to mount straight out of the box. Simply apply
 create our molds. Once painted, our products are very difficult to distinguish from natural   a final coat of exterior latex to match or compliment your project and you are ready to
 wood.          install.

 Our proprietary molding process produces a higher-density product than the   Classic Color Program
 competition. With a standard density similar to white pine, Nu-Wood can be cut, sawn,   For extra convenience, we can prepaint your millwork order in the Sherwin Williams
 shaped, routed, nailed, screwed in, stapled and painted, just like wood. No specialized   color of your choice. Nu-Wood is the only polyurethane manufacturer in the U.S. to
 tools or blades are required beyond what a carpenter is already going to be using for   offer this Classic Color Program.
 wood projects.

                 •  Simply tell us the color you’re using. For an exact match, you can use the Sherwin
 Unlike wood, Nu-Wood’s closed-cell polyurethane is not affected by weather. So it is truly   Williams Color Snap® mobile app to search their thousands of shades for the one
 a low-maintenance product that delivers years of worry-free performance.  that’s perfect for your project. Or send us a sample of your siding or a color chip for

                     us to match.

 Masonry products, too!  •  We’ll make sure all the parts arrive at the job site finish painted and ready to install

 Looking to add a touch of brick or stone? Nu-Wood masonry products are a convenient   – saving you the need to hire a painter, wait for components to dry, or clean up a
 and convincing alternative.  paint mess. The color you specify is applied in our paint booth, making sure no spots

                     are missed. See page 91 for more details.
 We start with our specially formulated polyurethane and cast it in forms crafted from
 actual stone and brick surfaces. For many designs, we incorporate multiple molds to   •  Every Classic Color shipment comes with a touch-up kit.
 assure that each panel looks slightly different. That means no telltale repetition of
 pattern, so the finished effect is practically indistinguishable from hand-lain masonry.
 The attention to detail continues in our extensive finishing process. Each piece is   We also offer:

 individually hand sprayed, then coated with a UV-resistant finish for years of fade-
 resistant performance.  •  Custom parts and sizes on request
                  •  Responsive shipping
 As with our millwork products, our masonry stone and brick can be cut and installed with
 standard carpentry tools you already have at the job site.  … and we’re proud to say that everything we sell is
                  manufactured to our exacting standards right here
 See page 69-80 for more details about all of our masonry products.  in the USA.
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