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And well.... you have to get rid of that stock heavy muffler, so we chose to go with a Fabspeed Maxflo exhaust so we can hear this car sing and wide open throttle :-) In the picture, you will also notice red rear tie down points for trailering the car to the track.
  See Picture 8 #8
When on the track under hard cornering, a weak link is keeping the oil around the pickup tube in the oil pan. We added a 2qt deep sump plate with an improved baffle system to help prevent oil starvation. This is a bit of a Band-Aid fix to a larger issue, but should be an improvement until we start running much stickier tires.
See Picture 9
 In this picture below, you will see the deep
sump spacer plate, but you will also notice
a spin on oil filter adapter. This allows you
to use a fully filtering filter in place of the
OEM canister filter. The OEM canister filter
contains a bypass valve in it, and when it
gets dirty, it will start bypassing oil around
the filter instead of through it. You can have
up to 30% of the oil not being filtered in the #9 engine with the OEM system... not good! I
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