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 Quintana is prepping for the Ice Cream Social with new members. The amount of detail and energy placed into our events this year has simply been fantastic.
Your Autocross Director Rudy Rodriquez started 2021 with the daunting task of finding a new autocross location in the midst of
a commercial real estate puzzle. Spending hours upon hours looking for a large enough area to autocross is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, Rudy succeeded, and to all that enjoyed the new venue, thankfully so.
The Chief Driving Instructor Dave Stadtmueller has facilitated two events in 2021 to include a PCA Club Race and Driving Education events that were attended by well over one hundred participants. These events are months in the making and were managed with seamless precision by Dave and
The Webmaster Deborah Thorne has the task of trying to keep up with all the ebbs and flows of our Region, of which I can assure you, are many. Deborah continues to keep our website relevant in the ever changing world of our electronic society. Deborah was recognized nationally in 2021 for Best Website of Year.
The Secretary Mike Lemoine has the distinct talent of being able to remember all the activities that are conducted during Board Meetings and recording these events. It’s not an easy task, especially when you
have a collaborative discussion; however, Mike always captures the essence of our meetings quite well.
The Treasurer Jim Cummings does a fantastic job of ensuring that our region is always in good financial standing. Jim also provides our region with options for a wide variety of topics for discussion.
Board Members and Directors Stan Stanton, Mike Lemoine, Cindy Quintana, and Nick Quintana worked hand in hand for another wonderful German Car Show while this year employing electronic voting for some fantastic awards.
The KCRPCA Board and Directors are comprised of company Directors, Engineers, Chief Creative Officers, Corporate Senior Vice Presidents, Business Owners, Sales Executives, Attorneys, Real Estate Executives, and Retirees which
all devote their time, energy and passion to keep this wonderful region moving in the right direction. It simply would not be possible to hold the amount of top tier events that the Kansas City Region holds without such a devoted team.
I would also like to thank all
the many members that are active volunteers at all of the events
that were held in 2021. Your participation in our region’s events is so appreciated.
We have some fun and exciting additions planned for 2022 that we hope you will enjoy. Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you all at a 2022 event.
- Fred
 his complement of instructors and volunteers.
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