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            NARRATIVE TEXT                                             English Language Education
                                                                         Art & Language Faculty
                                                                      Ganesha University of Education

                                                    NARRATIVE TEXT

                  Narrative  text  is  a  type  of  text  that

                  connects  a  series  of  events  and
                  contains       fiction     and      non-fiction

                  stories.  The  two  forms  of  text  use
                  imaginative  language  and  express
                  emotion.  The  purpose  of  Narrative

                  text is to entertain the reader and tell
                  stories  that  happened  in  the  past.

                  There  are  several  types  of  Narrative
                  texts,  including:  legend,  fairy  tale,
                  fable,  a  journey  or  a  voyage,  folk

                  tales.  However,  this  discussion  is
                  focused on legends.


                                              S.  P.    Sisylia  Paramitha  is  a  student  at
                                              the      English        Language           Education

                                              Program,          Ganesha          University         of

                                              Education,  Singaraja.  Born  in  Tabanan
                                              on  July  19,  2002.  Apart  from  having  an
                                              interest          in        technology             and

                                              communication, she also has an interest

                    in the field of literature, be it poetry, novels, drama, prose,
                    and  so  on.    This  made  her  write  a  book  on  narrative  text

                    that  teaches  readers  about  the  world  of  narrative,  she
                    wants  to  invite  readers  to  express  their  imagination  in

                    narrative text.
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