Page 20 - Pre-school dance plans autumn- nursery parent copy
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To dance in time with the music
Spatial Awareness
To negotiate the space while traveling around the room like rockets by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles (including other children)
Strength and Fitness
To improve cardiovascular fitness through performing a high energy dance and to develop strength in legs through jumping
7. Action Song: ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom’ (traditional)
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We’re going to the moon.
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We’ll be there very soon.
If you’d to take a trip,
Climb aboard my rocket ship.
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We’re going to the moon.
(Spoken) In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!
EYFS aims
M (SSM), L (R) & CL (LA) & (S)
To pre-empt and join in with the lyrics which follow a repetitive structure/pattern
CL (LA) & (S)
To develop listening, attention and speech through singing
To develop finger dexterity (walking fingers up arm), the locomotor skill of jumping and upper body coordination and control through joining in with the actions
M (N)
To count down from five and to use fingers to represent numbers
To move in time with the pulse
To pretend hands are rockets
Dance Aims
To move at a normal speed then a slow speed then a fast speed and to practise jumping
Motor Skills
To develop finger dexterity through walking fingers up arm and hiding fingers away one at a time and to practise the gross motor skill jumping
To move in time with the pulse
Strength and Fitness
To develop strength in legs through jumping
8. Working with Props: ‘Five Little Men’ (traditional)
Five little men in a flying saucer, Flew round the earth one day. Looked left and right,
But they didn't like the sight,
So one man flew away. Whoosh!
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