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To work as a team to make a circle
To participate in a familiar and predictable routine (circle song)
UW (TW) & (PC)
To learn about different jobs people do and how they help us
PSED (MR) & (F/B) & CL (LA)
To listen to other children talk about jobs and people helping us
To express knowledge to the group of jobs people do and how they help us
M (SSM), L (R) & CL (LA) & (S)
To pre-empt and join in with the lyrics which follow a repetitive structure/pattern
CL (U)
To follow an instruction
CL (U)
To understand the meaning of words through actions
CL (U) & L (R)
To learn the meaning of words through pointing to the pictures of people who help us
To learn positive attitudes and challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes (female doctors and farmers and male teacher)
Dance Aims
Spatial Awareness To make a circle
5. Fine Motor Skills: ‘Helpful People’ by Sarah Moss and Lucy Milan Davis
Here’s the fireman who’s big and strong, Here’s the teacher who’s never wrong.
Here’s the policeman who keeps us safe, Here’s the dustman who disposes of our waste.
Here’s the farmer who works the land, Here’s the nurse with a helping hand. Here’s the doctor who helps us feel better, And here is the postman with another letter!
EYFS aims
To develop listening and attention through rhyme
To develop finger dexterity
L (R)
To develop an awareness of rhyme
To move to a rhyme
UW (TW) & (PC)
To learn about different jobs people do and how they help us
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