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To develop listening, attention and speech through singing and through switching between louder and softer singing voices
To develop coordination and control through moving the parachute in a variety of ways and to develop fine motor skills through gripping onto and manipulating the parachute
CL (U) & M (SSM)
To develop language for and understanding of position (‘up’ and ‘down’) and size (‘big’ and ‘small’) through movement
To move to a regular beat and to explore colour, texture and space with the parachute
To pretend the parachute is the water
Dance aims
To move the parachute in time with the pulse and as a team in several different ways
Motor Skills
To practise fine motor skills by gripping onto the parachute and manipulative skills by moving it in several different ways
To move the parachute in time with the pulse and to start a new movement for each verse
Spatial Awareness
To observe the parachute and move placement of own body in the room to keep it taught and in a circular form
9. Warm-down and give out magic sparkles
EYFS aims & Dance Aims
See autumn lesson one.
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