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               Company Profile:


               Opitas Coffee and Trade


               Discover the heart of Colombia

               Brand Description

               Opita’s Coffee and Trade imports traditional products from the Huila region in Colombia,
               taking into account the process, quality, and well-being of the producers in order to create a
               supply chain to the United States with the best and most authentic of the region.

               Brand DNA Brand DNA

               Opita’s Coffee and Trade


               Build a personal relationship with our clients so that they feel that they are dealing with the
               producer and become aware of the work involved in offering products with a high level of
               quality and authenticity.

               Internal culture and values

               A series of services that are performed with care and dedication are intimately related to the
               product until it reaches your cup or plate.

               We assured to obtain a first quality product by buying from the producers, helping to maintain
               the continuity of the traditional families, who have been working their land from generation
               to generation. This makes it possible that a small part of what our clients pay for, could be
               used to improve the quality of life of our farmers.


               Awareness at every single stage, of the process.
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