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The world moves faster when we are learning! The DCHI Academy explores the importance and benefits of Open Innovation and Design Thinking when solving complex problems. DCHI offers these learning opportunities to help humanitarian innovators respond more than just adequately to the ever- changing world. Lessons can be learnt by reading our Spotlight feature in which we share the stories, including successes and failures, of the many programmes and projects that have been set up by the organisations in our coalition. Our acadamy also offers
the self-paced online modules from the DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course, helps you to continue your self-development, to enhance your skills and to boost your knowledge. The DCHI Academy provides you
with (online) events, exercises that will help you to expand your academic knowledge, and interesting public calls and private funding opportunities. Plus, it grants you access to our forward-looking innovation insights. Tune in to our LinkedIn page regularly to catch all the latest DCHI Academy
news and upgrade your humanitarian innovation skills.
Get a taste of our insights from the DCHI Academy here:
Knowledge exchange
Three trends that Academics from the Rotterdam School of Management claim to see
in the humanitarian sector.
DCHI Library
Over the past five years, we have facilitated more than 60 workshops to test and improve our
innovation model, steps and toolkit. To inspire, support, and empower the innovator in you, we have gathered
all the materials and connections that or who we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with – and to be inspired by. The DCHI library is an Everythingshelf. Check out the current podcasts, events, publications, books and more.
DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course
A self-paced online course to learn about
the key fundamentals of humanitarian innovation.
When it comes to innovating the humanitarian sector, great ideas alone do not realise impact. Learning to love your problem, and defining
it as well as possible, are key. If
you are interested in learning more about challenges and benefits of open innovation in the humanitarian sector, join the DCHI Humanitarian Innovation Course.
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

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