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                  Tips for Collaboration and Scaling
The TeamUp coalition came up with the following top tips on collaboration:
Collaboration should start at the beginning when you are designing your project It is important
to keep all of the staff engaged.
This can be done by organising opportunities, such as events (formal and informal), that will help your staff to get to know each other, stay
in touch, learn and take care of each other Engage those who are not part of the initiative but still in your organisation: keep them informed of the project’s progress In a sector which is becoming more and more bureaucratic, a good relationship built on trust can help to move forward quickly Willing to be flexible, pragmatic, and to think outside of the box Do not try to solve every little thing immediately, but be open to learn and adapt along the
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
Supporting Refugee & Migrant Children Through Play
In 2015, War Child Holland, Save the Children, and UNICEF Netherlands joined forces in the Netherlands to ensure attention and support was provided to the social and emotional needs of refugee children living in reception centres in the Netherlands. As a result, TeamUp was developed – a psychosocial support intervention of structured movement- based activities consisting of games based
on play, movement, and body awareness for all children aged between 6 and 18. DCHI supported TeamUp with their scaling strategy.
Playing as an International Language
TeamUp is unique for its global applicability, because it is an intervention consisting of non-verbal movement-based facilitation. This allows children from different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages, to play and move together. Moreover, it can be easily implemented in any country simply by making a few adjustments. In rolling out this intervention in other countries - such
as Uganda, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories - the different TeamUp country offices promote the same motivational centred around collaboration.
Spreading the Collaboration
TeamUp has a large potential to scale up with project leads stating that “the extensive networks of the three organisations also facilitates the roll-out of TeamUp with multiple external partners”. Eventually, the TeamUp coalition may also expand beyond the three original partners. This mutual drive has continued to play a crucial role
in the collaborative design, methodology development, implementation, international roll-out of the TeamUp intervention, and the linking-up with external partners.

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