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 March: DCHI Humanitarian Accelerator Programmes
on Safety and Protection & Access to Modern Energy start, engaged over 20 humanitarian organisations
June: Humanitarian Innovation Exchange (HIX), co-hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Elrha
October: The Maggie Shelter initiative with the Best Humanitarian Innovation 2019 Award
November: Annual Event, The Future is Now: A total of around 70 participants played the DCHI simulation board game
December: total of !3,8 million allocated across 9 innovative pilot projects, all
9 projects working with other organisations across different sectors
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
February: First coalition cafe hosted by the Municipality of The Hague
April: First virtual meeting on innovation; first of many interactive online events
June: Source2Gather, humanitarian challenges and solutions matchmaking platform launched
September: Launch of the RVO/DCHI Access to Modern Energy Programme with 13 humanitarian organisations
December: Human Aid Now wins the 2020 DCHI Best Humanitarian Challenge Award, including its prizes: a mini-accelerator and 10,000 euros
February: Humanitarian Innovation Course: 5-week online course
March: Out of 14 submitted ideas, the 2 best ones are supported to pilot a project for Living With Floods
April: The Humanitarian Energy and Innovation Summit welcomed over 125 people
August: DCHI Launched
the Humanitarian Innovation Course MOOC with more than 90 enrolled users
September: 1000+ DCHI LinkedIn followers
October: In less than 1 week of sharing, NGOs received partner offers to co-create on a challenge
YTD: 13 NGOs used our digitised accelerator programme, including online tools and innovative training programmes across different themes!

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