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                 3. Ensuring the safety of the affected people and humanitarian staff
4. Increasing the impact of humanitarian aid through smart use of data
5. Helping those affected to take their future into their own hands
For each thematic agenda, projects were selected, such as an interactive app for refugees in Athens (Nomads). Or a project to put information into the hands of humanitarian decision makers in a fast and accessible manner in the first 72 hours of
a crisis (SentyTwo). Other examples were
a sanitation project to develop a treatment and disposal solution (Sanitation) and a technology-driven solution to acquire knowledge and skills in emergencies (AKSIE). These projects and the subsequent strategy were coordinated by a lean and mean organisational structure with a
board, supporters committee, and support organisation. DCHI was strengthened by the inclusion of the Ministry of Defence, with Lieutenant General Wijnen representing the highest defence authority in the board. DCHI became a member of the Global Alliance
for Humanitarian Innovation (GAHI) and
was introduced at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). The foundation had been
laid for numerous successful projects,
expert meetings, exchanges of experiences and expertise, the tradition of an annual conference, and the allocation of an innovation award. The result is a network organisation that consists of some 100 parties made up of humanitarian organisations, government institutions, knowledge institutes, and beneficiaries that has set in motion a wave of change and that can now celebrate a wonderful five-year anniversary. This is an innovative result of which all parties involved can be proud.
Gijs de Vries
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
  Beira, Mozambique / 9.2.2021 / photo: Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM)
Being the fourth cyclone in two years, Eloise, Idai and Kenneth are causing floods with hundreds of people killed, and thousands left displaced. The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) participated in the DCHI accelerator programme with their challenge to help
create a safer community for the people of Beira by their ability to anticipate and act to minimise the impact of floods.
  Gijs de Vries
DCHI, former director
of the Netherlands Red Cross, now professional supervisor and executive coach

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