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Data from HM Revenue and Customs showed overseas sales reached £4.36bn, with the equivalent of more than 1.2 billion bottles exported globally.
Scotch sales grew in volume by 1.6% and in value by 8.9%. The previous high recorded in terms of export value was just under £4.3bn in 2012.
Scotch whisky exports make up 20% of all British exports
“Scotch whisky exports have hit a record high”
The trend is clear. As the interest in whisky continues to rise, so will the prices.
Largest export destinations for Scotch in 2017 - defined by value: 1. USA - £922m
2. France - £433m
3. Singapore - £291m
4. Germany - £184m 5. Spain - £175m
Source: HMRC
From Whisky Cask Investment to Bottled Whisky, the returns across the whisky investment spectrum are consistent and compelling. The value of bottled whisky sold at auction continues to increase every year as more and more investor capitalise on the asset classes investment potential. The Apex 1000, which tracks the performance of the top 1000 Bottled Investment Whiskies outperformed The FTSE 100, Oil and Gold between 2014 - 2018.
Due to the global demand for Scotch whisky from consumers, there is a constant demand from distilleries for single malt matured casks which can be immediately used for their whisky production.
£27 Million growth in
whisky exports to the Chinese market.
In the UK alone, the value of whisky bottles sold at auction in the first half
of 2017 increased by 94 percent compared to the first half of 2016 (£11.18 million). The demand for Scotch whisky shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, demand is expected to continue to increase year on year. This is great news for seasoned and new whisky investors alike.

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