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Visit                                                                                                                                            Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL)

                                                                                                                                                                       The 2015 Professional Standards for Educational                             4. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
                               Dear Friends.                                     Education, Child Abuse Prevention, Staff and Student
                                                                                 Rights, Discrimination Law, School Ethics and School Law                              Leaders represent the best thinking and latest                              5. Community of Care and Support for Students
                               Understanding our legal obligations and the  Essentials, among others. Over the past decade, thousands                                  research related to the impact of leadership on student                     6. Professional Capacity of School Personnel
                               legal rights available to students, parents,      of educators and school leaders in New Jersey and nationally                          achievement. The role of the school leader has shifted                      7. Professional Community for Teachers and Staff
                               and staff has always been challenging. But        have benefitted from these online courses. We will soon be                            from a focus on management to a focus on student
                               over this past year, everything we thought        launching a self-paced online version of our Affirmative Action                       learning through strong and effective instructional                         8.  Meaningful Engagement of Families and
                               we knew has been turned on its head, as           Officer Certificate program, building on the great success of                                                                                                        Community
                               we all worked to deal with the implications       our Anti-Bullying Specialist Online Certificate program.                              leadership. Many of the sessions listed in this calendar                    9. Operations and Management
          and aftermath of a global pandemic, systemic racial injustice,                                                                                               include the relevant PSEL Standards.                                       10. School Improvement
          and an unprecedented attack on our democracy from within.              As part of the larger FEA family, we at LEGAL ONE know                                   1. Mission, Vision, and Core Values
          As NJPSA members and other stakeholders have struggled                 that meeting your professional learning needs requires a                                 2. Ethics and Professional Norms
          to adapt to this new normal, LEGAL ONE has been there to               comprehensive approach that involves both legal education
          support you every step of the way, offering numerous webinars  and best practices. Taken together, these complementary                                          3. Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
          to provide you with the very latest guidance on rapidly evolving  offerings provide the holistic approach to professional learning
          legal requirements and new guidance from the New Jersey                that is truly needed by school leaders and all school staff. To
          Department of Education. With our Winter Catalog, we are               help guide you, all sessions are organized in this catalog by
          pleased to continue our efforts to empower you to confidently          theme starting on page 7.
          navigate these uncharted waters.                                                                                                                             NJPSA/FEA Cancellation/Refund Policy
                                                                                 Be well, stay safe and know that we are here to support you                           If you are unable to attend a program for which you have registered, please contact FEA via email seven days prior to the program
          As you can see, we at LEGAL ONE continue to expand our                 every step of the way. Working together, we will come through                         to request a refund. Also, if you used a STAR Advantage or FEA Subscription Coupon Code, you must cancel your registration seven
          offerings to empower school leaders to address critical and            this trying time stronger than ever.                                                  days prior to the event in order to have your STAR Advantage or Subscription Session credited back to your account. Payment in full
          emerging school law issues. In this calendar, you will see                                                                                                   is required if a written cancellation request is not received within the required time period. Please submit your cancellation request to
          offerings addressing health and safety concerns in the COVID           Sincerely,                                                                   NOTE: This does not apply to NJ EXCEL candidates.
          era, timely webinars on the latest legal issues, a new Prime
          Time evening series, and comprehensive certificate programs                                                                                                  All checks payable to FEA. PO to be issued to FEA at 12 Centre Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831.
          on topics such as Affirmative Action, Bullying, Student Mental
          Health and the Code of Student Conduct. In addition, LEGAL             David Nash, Esq.
          ONE will soon launch the new LEGAL ONE podcast.                        LEGAL ONE Director
                                                                                 Foundation for Educational Administration
          We are continuously updating LEGAL ONE’s comprehensive                                                                                                                                                                      Foundation for Educational Administration
          library of self-paced online courses, which now includes                                                                                                                                                                    12 Centre Drive, Monroe Township, NJ 08831-1564
          courses addressing Suicide Prevention, HIB, Special
                                                                                                                                                                             Follow us on Twitter @NJPSA                              Phone: (609) 860-1200                      Fax: (609) 860-6677
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