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Over the course of 15 years, Train has made its mark on music history with their Grammy-Award- winning song “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” and chart-topping singles “Meet Virginia” and “Calling All Angels.” Since forming in San Francisco in 1994, the multi-platinum selling band has traveled a long, successful and sometimes arduous journey. Following their 2006 release, For Me, It’s You, the band took a three-year hiatus, and in that time, Train has, for all intents and purposes, experienced an epiphany as a whole. Now, with their fifth album, Save Me San Francisco, Train has channeled their early days, revisiting the roots rock sound that has made the band such a tour de force—and, in turn, the band is united stronger than ever before.
When looking back, Train credits the city of San Francisco with cultivating the band’s identity and foundation, so it’s no wonder than the title track of the record would pay homage to the Bay Area metropolis the band holds so dear. “We owe all of our gratitude to San Francisco because they embraced us back when, if they hadn’t have, no one would have.”
“Basically, this album is our way of paying tribute, giving thanks and also recognizing that we kind of need San Francisco to OK this band before any- body else does. Those were the best times of our lives—even though we didn’t know it—living in San Francisco and struggling to make a band work.” “Save Me San Francisco” is an autobiographical account of Train’s beginnings, and embodies not only the spirit of the album, but also the soul of Train as a band. The song’s lyrics take the listener through the three-piece’s humble start in the mid-90s up through the time when Monahan, in particular, left the City by the Bay. “It’s very related to my exis- tence, but Jimmy, Scott and I have been through a lot together in the last 14–15 years, so it represents a lot to them, too, because they don’t reside in San Francisco anymore, and we all miss it.”
Train, 1998 Drops of Jupiter, 2001 My Private Nation, 2003 For Me, It’s You, 2006 Save Me San Francisco, 2009
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