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Gwernyfed RFC recognise our sponsors for their
support and explain where we stand as we look to the future...
Most readers of this page will have become and remained generous supporters of our efforts to sustain the game in our area over the years. We do not live in a heavily populated area and generally the area does not play host to the ‘nationally-named’ businesses that we see feature on the shirts, pitchside boards, programmes and merchandise of top football and rugby clubs. Nevertheless, the unstinting support that we have received from so many businesses and sole traders over the years has been key in allowing us to build a Club and an atmosphere that sees us field fifteen sides and offer a ‘home’ to The Red Kites.
Many things came to a juddering halt in early March. Rugby was one ‘victim’ (our last First XV fixture saw us play host to Old Penarthians on 29 February, 2020) but whilst sport is an important component in society, the impact of the virus has been felt far more, and with far greater ramifications, in business. We sincerely hope that none of our sponsors’/ advertisers’/supporters’ businesses has been damaged. Sadly, we know that many will have sustained damage and loss that puts our sporting ‘loss’ into stark contrast.
It would be great if we could say that we could offer each and every one of our sponsors, advertisers and supporters some form of financial reward by way of thanks for your support when times were better. Clearly we can’t – our own income has been severely curtailed and we are having to cut our cloth accordingly. However, we can and will salute your generosity as we look towards whatever surfaces by way of a rugby season over the next few months.
Our intention is to give (free of charge) every business and individual taking out a sponsorship package, a pitchside board or an advert in the programme in 2019/20 a free ‘repeat’ for what remains of the 2020/21 season. The ‘benefits’ that our Gold, Silver and Club sponsors’ packages offered last season will still be available to those sponsors, we will maintain the boards of those taking pride of place on the barrier around the pitch and every advertisement that featured in our 2019/20 programme will feature in the 2020/21 edition. When we do play rugby again those who have supported us through thick and thin will feature in our match-day advertsing and coverage.
As we write we are able to train in small groups provided that we maintain 2m social distancing. We are now told that the youngest groups can indulge in tag rugby, the older children, women and men in touch rugby. Quite how we play touch while keeping 2m apart is a real conundrum, but as in all things associated with our own recovery from the pandemic, we are applying common sense to good practice. What is clear is that we are some time away from competitive games against other Clubs, but it will come and we look forward to
welcoming you to The Brian Jones Memorial Field and to The Old Malthouse where we can offer our thanks in person and share a story and a beer.
Rob Stephens Chairman
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