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 ere is a common adage, “When one door closes, another door opens (and in some cases that same door re- opens)”.  is is one of the many feel- ings I have as my presidential term of the HCMA comes to an end. As I close my ‘door’ to the presidential of-  ce, you, Dr.  omas Bernasek will si- multaneously re-open that same door. What will you  nd behind this imagi- nary door? I can assure you, it is not
a pot of gold and a list of “things to do” that magically will get accomplished without many hours of hard work. It is the foun- dation of the two major initiatives that I have undertaken dur- ing my term as HCMA president: increasing membership as a year-long project (not just a once-a-year event) and leading the development of a Physician Wellness Program.
No worries Tom, you won’t be alone building upon this foun- dation – I am leaving you with a great team to help build upon the foundation and for you to create new foundations of your own. Your team consists of members of the Executive Council, the HCMA membership, and our administrative sta .
 is team has provided me the help, support, and vision required to make my term as HCMA president a success and create these foundations. Also, the team is growing with new HCMA members constantly being added and current members ‘stepping up’ to assume more responsibility. So Tom, open the door, take a deep breath and jump in feet  rst to your new “of-  ce” and the responsibilities within. I know you will do a great job! By the worries...I plan to stay around for a while if you ever need any help!
Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the HCMA Executive Council for their support over the past two years as well as to our Executive Director, Debbie Zorian, and her sta  for their support, assistance and truly working as hard as they possibly could to make my presidency a success!
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Fred Bearison, MD
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HCMA BULLETIN, Vol 63, No. 6 – March/Aril 2018

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