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Veni, vidi...oh well, I tried!
David Lubin, MD
Years ago, when Dr. John Curran was on the Executive Council, we would o en, literally, turn to him to get his ideas and thoughts about items on the agenda which needed much thought and debate to resolve. For some reason, we believed that Dr. Cur- ran combined his knowledge gained over many years while in practice and administration, along with a great deal of common sense, to explain the pros
and cons of many situations that needed to be resolved, or even tabled or discarded. He never failed us
with his wisdom.
Our current Executive Council doesn’t really have anyone of Dr. Cur- ran’s stature anymore. We have many young physicians with aggressive ideas, and then there are we who are older, and think we are more knowledgeable with way more street sense than those young folk.
Well, my recent experience with
the Swann Ave. Market & Deli has in-
creased my knowledge and substantially
increased my street sense about coming out of retirement and owning a business. At the bequest of a former patient, who was the wine salesman for the Swann Ave. Market & Deli, I came out of medical retirement in October 2015, and became a restaura- teur, along with being a beer and wine peddler. I have to say, in two years, I learned an extraordinary amount of information related to entrepreneurship, as well as tasting an extraordinary amount of beer and wine.
I had let certain people know what I was going to do back  nancial advisor and CPA among a few others and, of course, they wanted to know “Why?” I don’t know, some- thing to do? It was a challenge, but the Deli was in place and had good food. I didn’t need to make a great living to send kids to school or pay o  my house, so I just did it. Had I asked more people in the business, I’m sure I would have gotten the “you’re crazy.” Maybe, but I did it because if I didn’t, I always would
have wondered if I could have. I’ve written previously in  e Bulletin, when I bought it, that, who knows, maybe I’d be the next Richard Gonzmart or Mel Lohn.
Well, I’m here to say a er over two years of gaining knowl- edge and street sense, that if you decide to retire from medicine, DO NOT go into the restaurant business. It’s hard, it’s stressful 24/7, keeping can only hope, walk-in coolers go out, the Dept. of Agriculture makes you build a screened in shelter for your barbecue grill with a hot water sink ($2,000). And the list goes on.
Other than the above stress and the fact I didn’t take home a paycheck, I enjoyed the experience. I loved schmoozing with the customers, and didn’t have to ask them any medical questions, although some did ask me. I got to try some beer and wine which I never would have tried be- fore, and ate some of the best sandwiches in town, thanks to my outstanding chef, Mike.  e sta  was great: Wendy, Tim, and Luis.  ankfully, I was able to sell it to someone who will continue the same concept, with his son who was in hotel management taking over. I know he’ll be
 e best part of the experience was meeting some of the great customers...some hockey players and others who lived nearby in South Tampa. Rather than writ- ing about them, I’ve included some photos from the two plus years I was there. Maybe you came in for a sandwich or a wine tasting, or to get a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. If you did, thanks! Come back again and keep the Deli going. If you didn’t, stop by and see what a great place it is for breakfast and lunch,
My legacy...the Lubin-Reuben.
beer and wine...and just schmoozing!
HCMA BULLETIN, Vol 63, No. 6 – March/Aril 2018

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