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Outreach Goals
• Good Friday Service
• Resurrection Sunday
• Community Festival
• Harvest Night
• Thanksgiving/Christmas Blessing
• Potential Missions Project
• 2nd Water Well System in Africa
Ministry Goals
• Multiple nights of corporate worship
• Corporate prayer commitment:
• Morning prayer call and Saturday morning corporate prayer
• Small Group Commitment
• Expansion of entire BTC virtual/online classes
• Quality live/virtual/hybrid ministry events
• Expanding serving and leadership opportunities
Community Goals
• Leadership Mentoring Program
• Woodbury High School • The Victory Group:
• Victory House - feed more families impacted by pandemic
• Career Empowerment Center - empower people negatively impacted by pandemic.
• Millie’s Closet - provide clothing
Financial Goals
March 27, 2022
Impact Giving Sunday
This year, as we are still waiting for NJDOT approval
on our Phase Two expansion, our Executive Board is continuing to reevaluate our expansion needs as more of our partners and families begin to make their way back through the doors of Victory. This year, we are looking to utilize resources from Impact Giving to take care of the balance of the expansion of the parking lot.
Mark your calendar for Impact Giving Sunday, March 27 when we will bring our First-Fruit More than Expected Seed! We are confident that every partner will make a significant Spirit-led financial investment obeying God, while expecting to receive the promise of “reciprocation” in their personal lives.
 Impact Giving Sunday
Weekly Seed
$ 300,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 350,000.00
 God | Family | Purpose

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