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The Year of Reset
    our partners. The Spirit of God said, "Tell them that this resetting of the life of the believer positions them for Divine Strategies from the Lord that would accomplish predetermined, righteous objectives
that would invoke the supernatural intervention of God!” We can hardly wait to hear the testimonies that happen for our church family as they walk by faith
in obedience to Divine Strategies and victoriously defy the odds, bringing glory to God. Our role in your life this year is to reinforce and fortify your faith by taking it to new levels, through the Word of God and encourage you to strengthen and stretch your faith like never before.
but it’s going to take a radical, extreme, go for it attitude!!!!
This year our Impact Giving Sunday is March 27 and, as we all do our part to sow our very best, More than Expected sacrificial seed, we know we will not only meet our goal of $300,000, but we will exceed it.
Most importantly, we want to say how grateful we are for your faithfulness and commitment to the vision that you continually display as part of our church family. Victory wouldn’t be what it is without your consistent contribution. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s
time for us to RESET our lives and in our faith, which is going to produce a supernatural 2022.
Expecting Divine Strategies,
Our goals this year are believable and can be accomplished as we stay united, joining our
faith together and obeying God in our Kingdom commitments. We have an awesome opportunity in front of us to expand the Kingdom at another level,
BishopJohn & Pastor Isha
God | Family | Purpose 2022

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