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The Yamaha Class Band is a unique concept of group music education.

        Students learn to play a wind instrument together.

        The instruments the Class Band consists of are flute, clarinet,
        saxophone, trumpet, trombone and euphonium. Everyone chooses their

        own instrument and the teacher ensures that a nice orchestra is formed
        with a good balance between the instruments.
        Students learn to play together from the first lesson in the group.

        Sometimes a subject teacher will take a group apart to go over specific
        details with the pupils. A Class Band lasts for 1 or 2 years, with pupils

        having lessons every week during school hours.

        Music makes you smart!

        Perhaps you have heard about it? Because making music is a complex
        activity in which both hemispheres of the brain work together optimally,

        the brain develops more than in any other activity. Several studies around
        the world have shown this.

        But apart from being smart,
        making music together also makes it social!

        Making music together means listening to each other and being
        considerate of each other. Now we see that children who are in Class
        Band are also more considerate and listen to each other in their daily

        lives. They don't creep ahead, wait their turn and help each other. Things
        that are quite normal in music making.

        The Yamaha Class Band exists across Europe.
        Class Bands can be found in many countries. The teachers are trained by

        Yamaha and they all basically work in the same way. This makes
        exchanges between schools within Europe easy. This also allows

        students to get to know other cultures while playing together. Music is
        also an international language that everyone can understand. Even if
        pupils from two schools cannot understand each other, they play the

        same music together! And that creates connections and friendships for

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