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    Have you ever wondered how fireworks reach a precise height, explode at the right time, and then paint the sky with specific colors and patterns? What makes an airbag inflate faster than the blink of an eye? Or what it takes to convert an average street bike into one that can dominate in the grueling Tour de France? Well, Engineered has all of the amazing answers to these questions – and many more, some of which you may never have even thought to ask!
Atlas Media Corp/National Geographic Channel
Evil Knows! is a highly entertaining pop-science show hosted by Evil Jared Hasselhoff, member of the world class pop group ‘The Blood Hound Gang’. In the show Evil embarks on a search for significant (and sometimes not so significant) myths and phenomena from daily life, and gets to the bottom of them. Each episode is comprised of six different scientific (in an ‘Evil’ sense...) categories, and the excitement and fun never stops!
Maximus Films
How do you build a research station in Antarctica? The wild Antarctic ocean is the definition of ‘extreme conditions,’ after all. This is the dramatic story of the building of the Jang Bogo Antarctic Station. Five years of investigating sites, then two seasons of the toughest construction imaginable – it’s not a job for the faint- hearted.
Northern Europe, the most densely populated place on earth, isn’t somewhere you’d associate with earthquakes. Or is it? This documentary reveals intriguing evidence showing that ancient fault lines running right through Europe’s major industrial areas aren’t extinct but dormant. We explore the effects of a major seismological disaster here and what might happen if these sleeping giants awoke.
Cicada Films/ZDF/National Geographic
If you think that people with ‘extraordinary’ abilities are only in comic books or in Hollywood movies- think again. Living amongst us are people with amazing abilities that seemingly defy explanation. In each episode we meet two real life super humans. We explore their world: their family, their friends, how they discovered their powers, and we build up to them pushing their abilities to the very limits of what they are able to achieve.
Tern and Off the Fence
What happens when you give the world’s most imaginative engineers and athletes the challenge to create breathtaking new extreme sports? Straddling the worlds of sport and civil engineering, this high-octane, cutting edge series travels the world, exploring the science of extreme sports events.
    Arirang Tv
Curveball Productions
Europe’s Secret
1 x 60’, 2006, HD
10 x 60’, 2008, HD
  Evil Knows: In The Name Of Science
6 x 60’, 2016, HD
Extraordinary Humans
10 x 60’, 2016, 4K
  Extreme Mission In Antarctica
1 x 60’, 2015, HD
Extreme Science
3 x 60’, 2015, HD

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