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    Living amongst us are nature’s greatest adversaries... ordinary, real-life people with special powers that put them above and beyond the rest of us. They can perform extraordinary feats that could seriously maim - or even kill - your average Joe if he attempted them.
Off the Fence
Future Makers is a four-part documentary series telling the stories of a new generation of passionate change-makers. Their work is shaping and defining our future in inspiring and imaginative ways. This series celebrates the accomplishments of young groundbreakers, innovators and visionaries within their respective fields of endeavour. The show is premised on the idea that we define ourselves by what we do, and where we’re going.
White Pine Pictures
The Gautrain rail project was a hugely ambitious scheme to develop a state of the art high-speed rail transport system. This massive engineering feat, completed in the midst of the daily bustle of two of South Africa’s largest cities, involved burrowing through some of the hardest rock in the world, firming up risky sink-hole terrain and the building of massive superstructures that have changed the face of Johannesburg and Pretoria.
The sailing ship Tara is about to become trapped by ice in the middle of the inhospitable Arctic Ocean. On board: an international team of elite earth scientists searching for explanations of global warming, witnessing first hand the profound changes that are happening now in one of the earth’s most remote places, impacting our entire planet.
MC4/Arte France/Off the Fence/MSNBC
A joyful film exploring science, sexual liberation, ideological conflicts, and of course... pleasure. How can there still exist myths around female sexuality? How can the mention of this erogenous zone provoke argument and salacious laughter? How can a simple erogenous zone denominated as the “G-Spot” be known to all yet almost no-one knows its location or its physiology? G-spotting investigates the fascinating world of scientific sexology.
Zadig Productions
They are amplifying unheard voices to the masses, revealing something new about something old, and changing the way we look at other worlds, and ourselves. Meet the recipients of the 2013 Smithsonian Magazine Ingenuity Awards and witness their achievements in the fields of science, technology, social progress, education, and more.
    Factuals: Biography and History Unit
Smithsonian Networks
Future Earth: Journey To
The End Of The World
1 x 60’, 2008, HD
 Freaks Of Nature
12 x 30’, 2013, HD
 Future Makers
4 x 60’, 2017, HD
G Spotting: A Story Of
Pleasure And Promise
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
  Gautrain: Africa’s
Golden Train
1 x 30’, 2012, HD
 Genius In America
1 x 60’, 2014, HD

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