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    Japan is seen as an outwardly advanced country brimming with the latest technology but behind closed doors a silent epidemic known as Hikikomori is threatening to plague its future. The phenomenon is a psychopathological and sociological syndrome in which people, especially younger generations, withdraw from society and hide in their rooms for months to decades at a time. Recent studies estimate anywhere from 500,000 to as many as 2 million people in Japan are Hikikomori. While there is a consensus that this is a problem, there is an uncertainty for how to treat and cure it.
We think of lightning strikes as fatal, but nine out of ten victims actually survive the hit. However, the victim’s experiences, memories, and the physical consequences last a lifetime. From the one-time victim to the woman who faced lightning three times and the person who believes being struck cured her crippling injury. Lightning changes lives forever.
Hoff Productions
In an ambitious quest for answers, a group of British, Canadian and American world-renowned volcanologists have decided to build a volcano of their very own. In a breathtaking experiment, the sheer scale of which has never before been attempted, they team up with a Hollywood crew to design and build a carefully scaled 100ft-wide volcano, several storeys high.
Eruption TV Limited/ Volcano Films
Lewis Pugh plunges into the freezing Arctic Ocean, where he swims a kilometre across Antarctica, wearing nothing but Speedos. It’s a feat never thought possible. Ordinary humans would die within minutes in this icy water! So how does he cope? And why would anyone want to do such a crazy thing? With the support of cutting edge science and an incredible ability to believe in himself, he hopes to unify the potential of mind and body.
Fusion Media Network
  This is about people’s passion for flying on air. A spectacular display of science and ingenuity is on show as people get involved in the world’s first hovercraft race. We go behind the scenes to view all things speed, technology and danger, and discover some of the most amazing hovercrafts in the world. It is truly a high-octane thrill- ride not to be missed!
Fiveson Entertainment for Smithsonian Networks
I, Psychopath follows narcissist and possible psychopath Sam Vaknin on his journey into diagnosis. We meet the leaders in the field of psychopathy and explore the complexity of his personality disorder. I, Psychopath is a journey deep into the mind.
  Magic|Real Picture Company/Liberty Productions/ZDF/ARTE
Foster Brother Film Productions
1 x 30’, 2017, HD
 Hit By Lightning
1 x 60’, 2000, SD
  Hover Racers: Flying On Air
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
How To Build A Volcano
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
 Iceman: The Lewis
Gordon Pugh Story
1 x 60’, 2009, HD
 I, Psychopath
1 x 60’, 2008, HD

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