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    This thought-provoking documentary brings together the groundbreaking scientific research relating to slowing down or reversing the effects of aging and increasing our life span. We’ll explore the work of the most cutting-edge scientists in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology and cognitive science that, in an age of exponential technological advances, has the potential to revolutionize our lives.
Kaléo Films/Stella Production/Arte France
Since Trajan Vuia claimed to be the first person to build a ‘flying car’, inventors have tried to produce a commercially successful car plane. With a man in Florida who can fly his car for three hours and NASA developing a GPS flying programme to manage airborne traffic, the future is not as far off as it seems.
Pip Gilmour Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Shockingly tall, amazingly small, morbidly obese or conjoined. These are the people whose extraordinary bodies have taken them to the limits of the human condition. Inside Extraordinary Humans will examine the lives these people lead, the problems they face and we’ll come to understand the challenges of being ‘exceptional’ in a ‘normal’ world.
The dramatic, riches-to-rags-to-riches story of wildlife cinematographer and radical Australian optics innovator Dr Jim Frazier, whose visionary work has paved the way for much of the world’s cutting-edge 3D technology, as well as revolutionising aspects of fighter-jet flying, heart surgery, covert surveillance and cinema entertainment.
Onion Media
For almost a century, we’ve dreamt of strapping on a backpack with jet rockets. Could it now, finally, be a viable option for transportation? We get to know the inventors, explore the pros and cons of various technologies and power systems, see how science fiction popularised the concept, and analyse the engineering challenges that have held jet packs back from blasting off!
Pip Gilmour Productions/Smithsonian Networks
What are the five engineering innovations that made the 747 the game-changer of aviation? What makes a power plant’s giant turbine rotor blades spin at incredible speeds? What does it take to keep a floating city in perfect working order during critical overseas missions? Former NASA rocket engineer Chad Zdenek takes apart some of the world’s mightiest machines and uncovers their secrets. Join him on his mission to go “under the hood” of these massive conquerors of air, land, and sea.
1 x 60’, 2008, HD
The Impossible Lens
1 x 60’, 2012, HD
Flying Cars
2 x 60’, 2013, HD
 Incredible Flying Jetpacks
1 x 60’, 2015, HD
   Authentic Entertainment
360 Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Inside Mighty Machines
6 x 60’, 2018, 4K
 Inside Extraordinary Humans
4 x 60’, 2007, HD

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