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     Explore the stomach-churning world of extreme jobs. We go deep underwater with salvage divers and below the earth with volcanologists. We witness the gas- well fire-fighters who thrive on the thrill of trying to control mother nature and the skywalkers who launch you a thousand feet above the earth.
Parallax Film Production
Over two billion years ago, a meteorite the size of Table Mountain slammed into Earth just outside Vredefort. It created a scar that is today recognised as the oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. In this film, Roger Gibson, one of South Africa’s most renowned geologists, explains how it took scientists over a century to recognise the clues of the area’s impact origin - clues which are still locked up in the rocks.
Factuals: Biography and History Unit
You think you are safe from Africa’s number one killer? Think again. Malaria kills as many people as AIDS. Of the three million deaths a year, most are young children. 35 percent of the people living in regions with malaria are infected with this disease. At a time of globalization and global warming, everything travels, including mosquitoes that carry death.
November, 2003 - A man in Leeper, Pennsylvania, receives a package that he suspects is a bomb. Enter America’s oldest law enforcement service, the Postal Inspectors. Using an array of cutting-edge forensic techniques, the inspectors responsible for tracking down the infamous murdering mathematician Ted Kaczynski, follow a trail of microscopic clues to bust the bomber.
Baney Media for Smithsonian Networks
Whether it’s Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke or Dementia, cutting edge neuroscience is beginning to change what’s possible when it comes to recovery and prevention. Speaking with the worlds top neuroscientists ‘A Life Unbound’ explores brain plasticity strategies and the role these strategies can play in revolutionising the human experience.
Death and Prosperity
These are the breath-taking stories about the struggle of patients and doctors to unravel the strangest of illnesses. Using a detective story structure, we follow central characters whose illnesses seem to be impossible to diagnose and their doctors who will explain the paths of research they followed, as well as the obstacles they faced.
Into The Death Zone
4 x 60’, 2000, SD
  Life In The World’s Largest Crater
1 x 60’, 2012, HD
The Leeper Mail Bomb
1 x 15’, 2007, HD
  A Life Unbound
1 x 60’, 2019, 4K
    Malaria, The Serial Killer
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
Beta Prod/ARTE France
Four Luck Banana
Medical Challenges
13 x 30’, 2008, SD

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