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    With reports of mile high flames, blue tongues of fire and giant jellyfish-shaped lights, experts believe that supernatural lighting could be the culprit of some curiously unsolved disasters. With incredible footage, Megalightning reveals the hidden world of the stratosphere and tells the story of the pioneers endeavouring to understand its origins.
David Monaghan Production/HTV West/Top Notch Productions/ Off the Fence
This series highlights the most important building materials on the planet and features the main ingredients that have been the cornerstone for not only some of the greatest structures on the planet but also essentials of everyday living. In this series the stars are not the structures themselves but what makes the structure.
KPI Productions/National Geographic
February 15th, 2013: a meteorite explodes in the earth’s atmosphere above Russia, leaving countless buildings destroyed and numerous people injured. It’s a reminder of the ever-present threat meteorites pose to our planet. Arizona’s Meteor Crater, is also a visible display of an impact’s possible force. Computer graphics, spectacular meteorite videos, on-location sequences and expert interviews add up to a comprehensive portrait of these celestial bodies.
Five million people live in a land area smaller than New York City. To make such a small and highly urbanised place liveable, Singapore embarks on its most ambitious project to date. Gardens by the Bay is the largest waterfront garden on the equator, the size of 177 soccer fields, with mega-glasshouses and mammoth 50 metre super-trees, which combine concrete and steel with lush greenery.
Beach House Pictures/Off the Fence
This engaging series of two one-hour documentaries will put ingenuity and engineering to the ultimate test. In the first hour, we witness teams of engineers and robots working against extreme underwater conditions to build the world’s longest sub-sea pipeline. In the second hour we explore the world’s first operating electromagnetic levitation train system. The MAGLEV travels at lightening speed and could change the way we look at train technology forever.
Parallax Film Production
Is a bathing circus elephant in the 1930s the true source of the Loch Ness Monster myth? Why did Marilyn Monroe spend her last night arguing with mafia bosses? Does Big Foot actually exist? Six captivating unsolved mysteries, and the hunt for answers is on. Across the world, and investigating through time, this series looks at the evidence that supports some of the world’s most notorious conspiracy theories.
     Terra Mater Factual Studios
Blink Films & MEI Productions
1 x 60’, 2004, HD
Gardens By The Bay
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
   Megastructures: Steel,
Brick & Concrete
3 x 60’, 2006, HD
Megastructures: Super
Pipeline And Future Train
3 x 60’, 2006, HD
  Meteor Menace
1 x 60’, 2013, HD
The Missing Evidence
6 x 60’, 2014, HD

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