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    At over 133 billion litres a year, the world’s consumption of beer is enough to leave you punch-drunk. This fascinating documentary goes behind the scenes to reveal the complexities of the volatile brewing process and how this ever-popular beverage is nurtured, coaxed to maturity and kept in check to quench the thirst of a world craving more.
Hoff Productions/Off the Fence
Go behind the scenes of the biggest and most advanced factories in the world, focusing on the creation of inimitable unique products. We go on a tour of some of the most awe-inspiring feats of manufacturing happening around the world today. From gigantic factories the size of cities to the largest passenger airplanes in the world everything about their creation is special and because of their mega size, they come with their own challenges and drama.
Maximus Films
Everyone knows heavy haulage: large parts are transported on big trucks with yellow warning lights on streets. However, all that is peanuts compared to our ‘mega transports’: heavier, larger, more complicated and more unusual. These are transports that require pinpoint planning, which can only take place in certain time slots or with special safety precautions, and for which large teams plan months in advance before things are ready.
Breaking through over 13 metres of ice demands an Icebreaker. These monstrous ships keep the world’s shipping lanes open during the harshest of conditions, making them vital to the global economy. We follow the construction of a vessel that can break ice and carry cargo at the same time: the Arctic Icebreaking Container ship, which is the largest commercial icebreaker ever built.
Off the Fence
Everyone knows the pit stops from Formula 1 races: choreographed and rehearsed to perfection - each team member is a cog in an unbelievably complex machine. But let’s put things into perspective: pit stops during races are one thing, but they can’t hold a wrench up to the mega pit stops this show´s got for you – the biggest vehicles on earth: planes, trains and ships. This five-part series reveals the most fascinating and mind-blowingly huge pit stops on the planet.
Maximus Films
Alton Towers attracts millions each year to ride some of Britain’s most thrilling rollercoasters. In June 2015, two carriages collided on the park’s ride, the Smiler. 16 people were injured. Since then the park has been working on repairing their image. As well as installing new safety features they began developing a new ride. For inspiration they turned to the theme that also inspired a 70s cult horror movie - The Wicker Man. But will it be enough?
Mega Brew
1 x 60’, 2006, HD
    Mega Manufacturing
6 x 60’, 2019, HD
Mega Pit Stops
5 x 60’, 2018, HD
   Maximus Films
Films of Record/Zinc Media
Mega Icebreaker
1 x 60’, 2008, HD
Megabuild: Roller
Coaster Of Fire
1 x 60’, 2018, HD
 Mega Transports
12 x 60’, 2017-2019, HD

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