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   A vast white wilderness stretches across the southern tip of our planet. For brief moments each year the landscape opens up, inviting scientists from around the world to investigate. This film introduces us to a team of experts, researchers and explorers who have braved the inhospitable continent in the quest to learn its secrets, and showcases groundbreaking research that could make the difference to our survival on this planet.
Foster Brother Film Productions
Are racists born or made? Pioneering scientists have recently revealed they can detect if a person is subconsciously racist through a series of tests which are as ground-breaking as they are simple to do. This fascinating and revealing documentary showcases the latest scientific developments that can detect, measure and change racist impulses in the brain.
Mindful Media
It’s the most expensive aircraft in the world. Highly classified and America’s secret weapon for twenty years, this is the story of the B-2 Stealth Bomber. B-2 expert Dr Rebecca Grant explains what makes the bomber the superior tactical machine of the world. How do you design a plane to avoid infrared detection? Through ingenuity, and innovation, and a little unexpected help from certain Cold War adversaries!
When President Kennedy challenged NASA to reach for the moon in 1961, it had all of fifteen minutes of space flight experience. By 1969, Neil Armstrong’s boot print was in the moon dust. In between are extraordinary tales of politics, engineering, ego, tragedy, and triumph, which are told by astronauts, historians, Smithsonian experts, and one-of-a-kind artifacts. This series sheds new light on one of the most compelling chapters of the American storybook: Project Apollo.
Smithsonian Networks
Every now and then, a ghostly flickering highlights the skies in the polar regions of our planet – the aurora. Capturing spectacularly colourful images, ’Aurora – Fire in the Sky’ explains the scientific background of the polar light with the help of international aurora researchers. In addition, the film illustrates some of the most fascinating aurora tales and legends from indigenous people around the world. The aurora – whoever has watched it, will never forget this experience.
Terra Mater Factual Studios
The world has hit an extraordinary turning point. For the first time in history old people outnumber the young. Does this ageing process threaten to bankrupt the world’s leading economies; must we change the way we live? In this urgent and powerful two-part series we explore the looming social, political, economic and human impact of a rapidly ageing society.
Antarctica: Journey Into
The White Desert
1 x 60’, 2009, HD
 Apollo’s Moon Shot
6 x 60’, 2018, HD
    Are You Racist? 1 x 60’, 2015, HD
Aurora: Fire In The Sky
1 x 60’, 2012, HD
     B-2: Stealth At War
1 x 60’, 2013, HD
Red Rock Films/Smithsonian Networks
NHK/Becker Entertainment
Baby Boom To Bust
2 x 60’, 2008, HD

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