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    On the 10th anniversary of US Airways Flight 1549’s miraculous landing on the Hudson River, Smithsonian Channel revisits the event to explore the impact of bird strikes in aviation accidents. See first-person accounts from survivors, flight safety experts, and leading scientists in the fields of ornithology and wildlife management as ‘Bird vs. Plane: Miracle On The Hudson’ highlights the groundbreaking work to prevent future occurrences.
Arrow Media/Smithsonian Networks
Blowdown follows a team of demolition experts as they implode iconic structures built to withstand time. Whether it’s the Sharaton Bal Harbor resort on Miami’s busy beach or the RCA Dome in downtown Indianapolis, Controlled Demolition Inc from Phoenix, Maryland pushes demolition engineering to its limits. Each episode gives an insider’s look at these marvels of engineering and reveals what it takes to bring them to the ground.
Parallax Film Productions Inc.
Bridges of New York shows an evolution of architectural achievements through the prism of the bridges of New York City. We consider four of Manhattan’s landmark bridges, revealing the engineering feats and evolution of materials that made these bridges possible. We look at the needs of the people who use the bridges, and see how the bridges mirror their builders.
America’s experiences during the Civil Rights Movement and the Space Race are well documented. However, few know about the moment these two worlds collided, when the White House and NASA scrambled to put the first black astronaut into orbit. This is the untold story of the battle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union to be the first superpower to bring diversity to the skies, told by the black astronauts and their families, who were part of this little known chapter
of the Cold War. Brooks Lapping Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Believe it or not, this is the first serious documentary on boredom. Director Albert Nerenberg asks why the subject of boredom has been so religiously avoided and shows that boredom isn’t what you think it is. (Also available Laughology and Stupidity.)
Elevator Films
The Golden Gate was dubbed ‘the bridge that couldn’t be built’. More than 20 years, 11 deaths and 1 engineering revolution later, its completion stunned the world. This is the story, not of its making, but of its redesign – to withstand the incredible forces of an earthquake. Join the engineers on a race against time to save the bridge.
Bird vs Plane: Miracle
On The Hudson
1 x 60’, 2019, 4K
8 x 60’, 2008-2011, HD
Black In Space:
Breaking The Color Barrier
1 x 60’, 2020, 4K
1 x 60’, 2013, HD
    Bridges Of New York
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
KPI Productions for National Geographic
Hoff Productions/Off the Fence
Bridging The Golden Gate
1 x 60’, 2006, HD

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