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     Alaska is a land of extreme natural architecture and forces: active volcanoes, frequent earthquakes, extreme weather, and glaciers in never ending motion. Still under construction, Alaska keeps growing and grinding, melting and shaking. We’ll lead you through the working parts of this natural mechanical engineering machine and see how nature engineered and built America’s most rugged state.
Moore-Huntley Productions
The Great Barrier Reef; a living structure so big it can be seen from space, more complex than any city, and so diverse it hosts a third of all fish species in Australia. The Reef as we know it is dying. ‘Can We Save The Reef?’ is the story of scientists racing to understand this natural wonder, and employing bold new science to save it.
SeaLight Pictures
They’re massive metal beasts, transporting over one billion dollars’ worth of U.S. Navy aircraft across hostile waters to bring air power against the enemy. This is an unprecedented look at life inside the U.S. Navy’s premier supercarriers, above and below deck. From the building of these floating airports to the tough jobs required to keep them running, we celebrate the highly trained crew and the machines that allow them to bring the fight to anywhere on the planet.
America loves its SUVs and megatrucks, but that spells disaster for its highways, which are falling apart. This film follows the building of the I-35 near Chicago, revealing the serious science needed to pour asphalt in 115°F temperatures in the shade, to inject liquid nitrogen to cool concrete, and to hoist a 40 tonne piece of steel to build a new ramp.
Powderhouse Productions/National Geographic
The pilots of the USS Enterprise have seen heavy action in Iraq and Afghanistan, and finally they are returning home. We go aboard to deconstruct how a carrier works in wartime, with amazing personal stories and real-time footage from missions; we reveal the awesome power of what’s often called the most dangerous place on the planet: a major aircraft carrier.
Eric Cochran/Taikuli Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Venice is synonymous with the waters which surround and flow through it. But these very waters are also the greatest threat to the city’s survival. Regulating the water has always been a concern for the city’s governance, and over the centuries countless interventions have been made to protect the delicate balance. This film documents the latest attempt: a massive network of mobile barriers. But can Venice hold back the tide forever?
Building Extreme Alaska
1 x 60’, 2008, HD
   Can We Save The Reef?
1 x 60’, 2018, HD
Carrier At War:
USS Enterprise
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
     Carriers At War
4 x 60’, 2018, 4K
Red Rock Films/Smithsonian Networks
SD Cinematografica
Building The Interstate
1 x 60’, 2008, HD
The Challenge Of Venice
1 x 60’, 2012, HD

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