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        Thinking                                We had a very productive four days and thanks to the sessions with Niraj, everyone came
                                                much better prepared. So much so that we had no more one hour overrun each day. (We
                                                used to overrun 4 to 5 hours each day in the past.)
        Executive Summary

        Are your senior executives spending     All credit to the facilitator, program execution stayed true to the design and is able to
        more of their time on fire-fighting     achieve the desired outcome of setting up the participants to apply what they have learned
        operational issues rather than strategic   as well as setting them up to further explore the subject matter.

        These executives are the building       It is difficult to adapt to a VILT mode when such sessions have traditionally been delivered
        blocks of organisational strategy who   in the classroom. Dr. Niraj did a fabulous job of delivering this session in a VILT mode!
        have valuable insights of markets,
        customers, competition and other
        key areas required to craft strategy.
        The ability of an organisation’s senior
        executive team to think strategically is   Methodology
        critical to create long-term competitive
        advantage. Not being able to think   This workshop consists of 2 modules spread
        strategically can lead to a fall in   over two days. In total there are four
        organisational performance at multiple   sessions per day and each session is an hour
        levels including market and financial   and a half long. Before the workshop there
        performance.                        is pre-work to be completed. This work
                                            consists of a personal assessment and some
        At an individual level, this leads to a   pre-reading.
        disconnect between their role and the
        strategic contribution their leadership           MODULE 1:
        wants them to make. Strategic                 THE STRATEGIC TRIAD
        Thinking requires executives to
        develop an ability to connect the larger   Understand the Strategic Triad –
        organisational goals and strategies with   Organisation, Function and Self
        their own work.                            View the Big Picture
                                                   Zoom in – Zoom out Framework
                                                   Team Exercise

                                                           DAY 1

          PERSONAL       PRE-READING                    PERSPECTIVES
         ASSESSMENT                                                             CASE STUDY
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