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When Bad Turns to Good

          I  ran  up  the  stairs  into  my  matchbox-sized

          bedroom,  grabbed  my  black-and-white-spotted
          knapsack  and  pushed  in  an  extra  set  of  clothes

          and, of course, my phone.

          When  I  was  finally  through  getting  everything

          sorted, I dashed down the stairs to meet up with

          Kenisha at the entrance of my house. Two stairs

          down,  my  right  leg  slightly  twisted  at  the  ankle.

          “Never  mind!”  I  thought,  “Nothing  is  going  to
          stop me today. I’ve got to go!”

          I approached the door making my exit bouncing

          like  a  ball.  I  pulled  the  wooden  door  and  there

          was  Kenisha,  greeting  me  with  her  wide  white


          We walked about two blocks to the beach.  When

          we  arrived  we  realized  that  the  beach  had
          recently  been  upgraded.  It  now  had  benches

          made  from  coconut  tree  branches,  an  Aqua

          restaurant with comfortable seating and tables, as

          well as a modern bar and six televisions!

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