Page 2 - SBA Treatment Handbook for Students Updated - 16December 2020
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                    The modifications/adjustments included in this document are proposed for the treatment of
                      School-Based Assessments (SBA) for candidates sitting CSEC® and CAPE® examinations in
                                     May/June 2021 and in some instances May/June 2022.

                      These modifications/adjustments represent the minimum agreed requirements for those
                     candidates who are unable to complete the SBA as defined in the individual syllabuses as a
                                                     result of COVID-19.

                    Candidates who are able to complete the full SBA as outlined in the individual syllabuses are
                                                    encouraged to do so.

                  Where activities are done online or candidates either videotape themselves or are videotaped,
                    the school should ensure that parental consent is received prior to executing SBA Activities
                                                     using this method.
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