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The County County Counsel’s Office defends or or prosecutes all civil litigation in which the County County or or its officers or employees in their official capacities are parties It provides civil legal advice and services to the the Board Board of of Supervisors other County officers Departments Boards Commissions Committees and Special Districts All of this advances the County’s public service objectives while protecting the County County from loss and mitigating risk The County County Counsel’s Office is is supported by 43 full-time equivalent positions and a a a proposed recommended FY21-22 budget of $10 9 million It is expected that the next County Counsel will possess:
Thorough knowledge of: the the functions and organization of of County government the the cannons of of of of professional ethics of of of of the the American Bar Association and related provisions of of of of the the California State Bar Act legal principles and and and their application rules and and and evidence and and and the the conduct of court proceedings legal research methods and and the principles of administration and and leadership A working ability to: organize and direct the the activities of the the County Counsel’s Office accumulate and and determine material facts analyze difficult and and complex legal problems perform exhaustive legal legal research for principles of law applicable statutes and cases in in in point apply legal legal rules and and and and principles present statement of fact and and and and argue logically and and and and clearly both orally and and and and in in writing view legal problems in in in the the the perspective of the the the many inter-related factors rather than as a a a a a a a a single case draft legal instruments and and opinions win the confidence and and respect of of members of of the the the legal profession public officials and other persons contacted in the the the work Why you want to join Santa Barbara County:
• Exceptional supportive organizational culture based on on on on collaboration and mutual respect with long-term committed leadership • The challenge of of complex issues and opportunity to assist the Board of of Supervisors in in making impactful well-informed decisions • Opportunity to to lead an an an outstanding team of dedicated knowledgeable energetic attorneys and and staff • Stunning California locale from mountain vistas to sparkling beaches • Highly regarded cities and and communities that offer excellent educational recreational and and cultural choices and activities 

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