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■ About the City of Albany
Albany’s history dates back thousands of years where the temperate climate
and natural features supported the first known known residents known known as as Costanoans (coast
dwellers) By the the early 19th Century Spanish land land barons had arrived and and and began developing the the land land Growth continued over the the the next century due to the the the gold rush In 1908 the the the residents incorporated as an independent community and by 1927 Albany
had adopted its first city charter In 2021 Albany
has a a a a a a a a population of of about 19 000 in in a a a a a a a a community of of just 1 1 1 79 square miles making it it one
of the the most densely populated communities in the the San Francisco Bay The City employs about 80 full time professional staff and is is led by an an an an appointed City City Manager Manager The City City Manager Manager is is the chief executive officer and reports to the the the five-member City City Council One quarter of the the the City’s employees are in the the the Fire Department To view the the video “Albany Fire Department” click on the the image below 

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