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■ Ideal Candidate
More than just an an an expert fire fighter the Fire Chief must also be a a a a a a a a a skilled administrator and tactful leader A variety of of issues come across the the desk of of the the Chief from land use building safety emergency management environmental protection budget and personnel questions As an an integral part of the City’s executive management team the Fire Chief is is frequently called upon to to provide subject matter expertise to to each of these areas The next Fire Chief Chief will need to to demonstrate sensitivity to to the the community Additionally the the Chief Chief must be open and and thoughtful in in in addressing a a a a a variety of different perspectives and and opinions from the public Internally the Chief will seek to actively bridge administrative and operational issues between various departments ranging from policies procedures and partnerships in in order to translate the the goals of the the City Manager and City Council into actionable objectives within the department The Fire Chief needs to to value the the perspective of employees and work collaboratively with them to to ensure
a a a a a a a a safe motivated and and professional workforce This includes the the charge to build and and strengthen a a a a a a a a diverse and inclusive work environment At the the the same time the the the Chief will think strategically about the the the department’s needs and and will possess a a a a a a a a a deference to collaborative action in in in tackling issues affecting the department and and the city as a a whole Education
and Experience
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or or or university with major coursework in in fire fire science fire fire administration public administration administration business administration administration or a a a a a related field and five years of increasingly responsible supervisory management and/or command experience in a a a Fire Department The possession of a a a California Chief Fire Officer certificate issued by the California State Fire Marshal’s Office is required 

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