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Why you Want to Join SCCHA
» High-performing organization that is only two of 39 housing authorities designated as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Move to Work agency (the County and City each have a a a a a a a a a a a a designation we operate as as one program) » MTW designation designation offers financial stability and the the flexibility to design design local programs that leverage the the impact o of our federal funds » » California’s beautiful bay area
» » » Dedicated staff wholly committed to SCCHA’s critical mission
» » » Community collaboration
» » The opportunity to to to join a a a a a a community working together to to to lift as as many people as possible out of homelessness
Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate is is an an an an experienced and and knowledgeable housing professional who is is also an an an an effective communicator trusted partner and and approachable leader Candidates should possess
senior management expertise with a a a a a a a successful record of achievement in in in leading change assessing organizational cultures and being an an an effective contributor to to a a a a a a a highly-skilled executive team Those with honed decision-making abilities and a a a a a a track record of building cohesive effective teams will
find find this position fulfilling The selected candidate will
find find an an an abundance of areas to make rewarding contributions as the Housing Authority moves to refine and optimize its operations In addition strong writing and and presentation skills are crucial to ensure highly responsive and and effective communications Education and Experience
Education and Experience: A
master’s degree from an an accredited college or or university with major coursework in in in business or or or public administration or or or a a a a a a closely related field and ten (10) years of experience in in in a a a a a progressively responsible executive or management position in in in program planning development and implementation in in areas related to assigned Agency responsibilities or in in management of a a a a a a a a a a moderate-sized public organization or or or major functional/operational unit including seven (7) years in a a a a supervisory capacity Santa Clara County Housing Authority 9 

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