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The Position
Reporting directly to to to the the Executive Executive Director Director the the Deputy Executive Executive Director Director – Administrative Servicers provides high-level managerial and executive assistance to the Agency particularly in administrative services such as HR Risk Management IT and Operations The Deputy Executive Director Director – Administrative Services also serves as as the the Executive Director Director in in the the case of her absence and may cover for Director Director level staff during their absence This role allows the the Executive Director Director to to to focus at at at the strategic level and and on
external collaborations and and partnerships Key executive responsibilities include:
» Assisting the the Executive Director in in in in in in leading planning organizing and and and directing the the services and and and activities of AHA’s departments and programs » Providing oversight to agency-level procurement activities ensuring compliance with regulations policies and procedures » Supervising the the the Directors and and staff responsible for the the the Human Resources Risk Management Communications and IT/Policy functions of the Agency » Contributing to to to the the the the annual preparation and administration of the the the the Housing Authority’s budget in in in in in in in collaboration with other Agency Directors including the the Finance Director Director » Overseeing the development and implementation of various housing policies » Driving continual quality quality assessment and and and improvement in in in in in in the the the overall quality quality of the the the Housing Authority’s service provisions by monitoring and and evaluating the efficiency and and effectiveness of service delivery methods and and procedures assessing and and monitoring the distribution of work identifying opportunities for improvement and leading the implementation of those changes to effect positive change » Monitoring changes changes in in in in laws regulations and and and and technology that may affect AHA and and and and recommending and and implementing policy and and procedural changes as required » Preparing reviewing and and and and presenting staff reports and and and and various management and and and and information updates as as as as well as as as as leading and reporting on
special projects as as as as assigned

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