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The Housing Authority of of the City of of Alameda The Housing Authority of of the City of of Alameda is a a a a a medium-sized highly active and high high performing housing housing authority The AHA is now an an an independent organization and serves as both the housing housing authority and the the the administrator of of the the the City’s rent program The primary goal of of the the the AHA is is to to provide quality affordable and safe housing in in the City of Alameda The AHA is a a a a a a a a a progressive organization that has grown significantly in in recent years With an an an increase in ffin staffing of approximately 25% over the the past 5 5 5 5 years there are currently 55 FTE sta staff The AHA works with other units of o government non-profits and and and private landlords and and and has developed strong partnerships with a a a a a a a variety of agencies to to provide housing and support services to to as many eligible individuals families seniors and persons with disabilities as as possible The AHA has 529 units in in its its portfolio and 1 885 vouchers The AHA currently assists approximately 4 000 individuals directly
with housing and and over 14 000 households in in in the the Rent Program and and is actively working to grow the the number of units available in in in Alameda so that even more low-income individuals and families can be be served AHA also has an active development pipeline of over 600 units AHA has provided a a a a a a range of housing assistance to low-income households for over 80 years Programs include Housing Choice Vouchers Vouchers Project-Based Vouchers Vouchers Family Self-Sufficiency affordable real-estate development development and and management community development development projects and and resident resident services AHA owns multiple residential properties that it manages and is actively involved in in in the the construction of new housing through the the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program In In 2014 AHA established a a a a a a nonprofit organization Island City Development to engage in in developing owning and managing affordable housing in in in in the City A A A second non-profit Alameda Affordable Housing Corporation was developed in in in 2017 for the purposes of owning federally-funded real estate AHA is also responsible for managing rent stabilization and eviction control within the City of Alameda Alameda and is the Housing Successor agency for Alameda Alameda The AHA has an an operating budget budget of approximately $49 million and a a a a a a a a a capital improvement budget budget of of $5 million million with a a a a a a consolidated balance sheet of of $180 million million Our most recent audit can be found in in the Public Notices section of AHA’s website AHA AHA is an independent government entity with a a seven-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor which serves as its governing body For further information please visit AHA’s website at at www alamedahsg org 

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