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The Opportunity
An exciting career opportunity awaits a a a a a a a a talented administrative services professional in in in one
of the the most desirable places to to live in the the United States The next Deputy Executive Director
– Adminisrative Services for the the the Housing Authority of of the the the City of of Alameda (AHA) will have the the the opportunity to to perform meaningful and impactful work for for an an an agency that is dedicated to to providing affordable housing in in in in in the the most affected region of the the nation The Agency is interested in in in in in candidates with experience in in public sector agency-level administration procurement human resources information technology and risk management regardless of specific work in in the affordable housing space The Community
The City of of Alameda California is is an an island community of of approximately 78 000 located just across the the Bay from San Francisco It compares favorably to to the the “best places to to live” in America and enjoys a a a a a a a a a charming ‘small town feel ’ It has a a a a a a a a a median household income of $104 756 many educational institutions nearby more than double the the number of restaurants and libraries as the the “best places average ” strong cultural diversity excellent air quality and moderate weather year-round Alameda’s waterfronts in the the heart of o the the San Francisco Bay offer beaches bird refuges and spectacular views of the the San Francisco skyline and and and the the East Bay hills and and and provide an an an an an an opportunity to residents and and and visitors to to discover excellent shopping and and dining or or enjoy the bicycle and and pedestrian paths that complement the natural open spaces 

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