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Yolo County was one of the original 27 counties when California became a a a a a a state in 1850 and is now home to about 220 000 people Much of the population lives in the County’s four cities: Davis West Sacramento Winters and and Woodland Sacramento the State Capital is located
20 miles southeast of Woodland Its close proximity to the the Sacramento International Airport as as well as as two interstate highways places Yolo County within a a a a a a major transportation hub of the state Traditionally farming and ranching activities have played an an important role in in making Yolo County one of the the leading agricultural producers in in the the nation There are excellent leisure-time and cultural opportunities
in Yolo County and nearby Sacramento The renowned
Mondavi Center for for the the Performing Arts and and the the Woodland Opera House host a a a a a variety of high-quality events and there are several excellent amateur theater groups For
outdoor activities there is fis whitewater rafting along Cache Creek bicycling on on scenic country roads and fishing and water-skiing along the the Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento River River West Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento is home to to to to the the Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento River River Cats a a a a a a a a a a a AAA professional baseball team and there are numerous locally organized sporting activities for all all all ages including softball volleyball basketball and soccer A wide array of both public and private educational opportunities
are available from small rural K-8 schools to the urban model of of elementary and middle schools several of of which are California Distinguished Schools Area high schools have attained scholastic athletic and and extra-curricular success and and enjoy strong community support In addition to to UC Davis the world’s leading agricultural university county residents are able to to attend several local and and and regional community colleges – Woodland Community College College Sacramento City College College and and and Solano Community College California State University Sacramento is is also within easy commuting distance Yolo County is is governed by an elected five-member Board of Supervisors who serve four-year terms The County is organized into functional areas including General Government Health and and Human Services Law and and Justice Services and and Planning and and Public Works With 6 9 employees per 1 000 residents Yolo County provides services throughout the the county playing three very different roles: (1) as a a a a regional government the the County provides countywide services including elections criminal prosecutions and public health (2) for the residents of the the unincorporated areas Yolo County provides all the the municipal services a a a a a a city would provide provide including patrol services trash collection and and road maintenance and and (3) as as a a a a a a a a a a a political subdivision of the the State the the County provides state and federal services services services including child protective services services services public assistance/self-sufficiency services services services and and mental health services The County is supported by a a a a a a a FY 2020-21 budget of approximately $540 million and and more than 1 600 full-time equivalent positions 

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