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The County Administrator’s Office implements the the policies of the the county organization as set by
the Board of Supervisors as as well as as providing executive management for county departments and agencies The County Administrator’s Office (CAO) is is responsible for translating the the direction of the the Board of of of Supervisors into action through its dynamic oversight of of of the delivery of of of all County services and countywide comprehensive strategic planning Additionally the the CAO provides insight to the the Board on on on issues of of concern to the the the community as as well as as the the the efficient operation of of the the the County and develops recommendations to assist the Board in in addressing those issues The CAO is is is responsible for the the development preparation and management of the the annual recommended budget assistance with policy development and and and participating in in in in and and and coordinating with various local regional and and and statewide organizations The office is is also responsible for the overall administration management and support functions for the the county specifically Clerk of the the Board Economic Development Human Resources Intergovernmental Relations Natural Resources Office of Emergency Services (OES) Public Information and Tribal Affairs The CAO invests in in the the vitality of the the County’s workforce to ensure excellent service to the the the community as as as well as as as supports the the the County’s overarching goals as as as identified in in the the the Yolo County County Strategic Plan: Thriving Residents Safe Communities Sustainable Environment Flourishing Agriculture and Robust Economy Essential Functions of the County Administrator » Acts as agent of of of o the the Board of of of o Supervisors for the the administration of of of o County offices departments and institutions » Coordinates the the work of o all County offices and and department is is such matters that are the the the concern and responsibility of of the the Board of of Supervisors » Directs the the analysis and and evaluation of of of of annual budget requests of of all County departments » Directs the the preparation of of of budget budget recommendations to the the Board of of Supervisors » Directs the the the continuous review of of County expenditures expenditures throughout the the fiscal year to determine if such expenditures expenditures are necessary and in in accordance with Board policy » Attends meetings of of the the Board Board of of Supervisors and and makes recommendations on on the the administrative and and budgetary matters » Plans organizes and and directs the the work of o the the administrative office » Selects and evaluates the performance o of assigned staff » Recommends the appointment of appointed department heads » Evaluates in in in writing the performance of appointive department heads on an an an annual basis » Analyzes and and recommends policies and and procedures for the the orderly conduct of the the County’s administrative affairs » Directs surveys and and and studies on a a a a a a a a a a a a wide variety of administrative and and and budgetary subjects and and and makes recommendations to the Board » Directs the the collection analysis and interpretation of data on on on departmental activities and coordinates administrative policy with departmental activities » Directs the implementation maintenance and and enforcement of of County personnel policies and and practices as prescribed by
Board of of Supervisors » Represents the the Board Board of of Supervisors Supervisors as as as assigned in relationships with other governmental agencies » Conducts special studies or or assignments as as the Boards of Supervisors may direct and » Does related work as required 

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