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Service Performance Integrity Responsibility Innovation Teamwork
As Yolo County employees we recognize this is is a a a a a great place to live and work
We are committed to doing right by others through public service and maintaining the trust of our residents and peers Together we will continue to foster a a a a healthy supportive and professional environment striving always for excellence ■ IDEAL CANDIDATE PROFILE
The next County Administrator will be a a a a a a successful leader with executive management experience at at the the local government level ideally from another County administrative office The ideal ideal candidate will have a a a a a a a a a depth and and breadth of of knowledge and and experience with a a a a a a a a a broad range of of government operations The The successful candidate will engender ‘The Yolo Way’ and and seek first to to collaborate as together we achieve more than alone Key attributes also include the ability to build relationships and establish
trust self-confidence and and and the ability to make effective decisions and and and respond quickly and and and excellent communication skills Finally the ideal candidate will continually develop executive managers build a a a a a a a a a culture of confidence and and be someone who department heads can trust to maintain confidentiality and and offer an objective opinion 

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