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The Opportunity
This is is an exceptional opportunity for
individuals with experience in in public health and
a a strategic focus on promoting community wide health health to directly impact the health health and
safety of
a a a a community that is high in health outcomes and
very supportive and
actively engaged in public health The Nevada County Public Health Officer will have the advantage of
working with a a a a a a a dedicated staff and
fantastic community partners in a a a a a backdrop of
one of
the most picturesque areas of
California Nevada County Known as as “California Gold Country” Nevada County encompasses 974 square miles located in the the foothills of
the the Western Slope of
the the Sierra Nevada with access to a a a a a a a a a a a a variety of
recreational and
cultural activities Listed among the the Top 10 travel destinations by Lonely Planet Nevada City is is also rated #2 of
best river cities in in America! Established
in in 1851 historic Nevada Nevada County County includes Truckee Grass Valley and
Nevada Nevada City - the County County Seat Residents enjoy a a a a a a a a a rural lifestyle with urban amenities (hospital community college thriving arts culture) and
are only an an an hour from the State Capital and
an an an international airport Recently Nevada City ranked number one on on on Sunset Magazine’s “Best Value Towns” Truckee continuously receives recognition having been named one of
Sunset Magazine’s “Best Adventure Towns” Towns” and
one of
USA Today’s “Best Ski Towns” Towns” Recreational Opportunities
Nevada County offers many activities for
the the outdoor enthusiast Scenic trails alpine lakes the the Yuba River and
the Sierra Nevada Mountains all support numerous recreation activities including skiing biking hiking fishing kayaking hunting and
backpacking The area boasts four state parks and
miles of
trails for
hiking mountain biking or or or horseback riding Nearby lakes are available for
boating swimming and
fishing The Yuba River has many natural swimming holes hiking trails and
during spring runoff attracts avid kayakers Donner Summit offers breathtaking scenery in in in in the the summer and
winter Downhill and
cross-country skiing is only a a a 45-minute drive from the the County administrative center Arts and
Cultural Activities
Nevada County County is is the the only rural California County County with two Cultural Arts Districts It features art galleries live theatre venues museums historic buildings fine dining quaint bed and
breakfast establishments and
award-winning wineries During the holiday season Nevada City and
Grass Valley play host to to Victorian and
Cornish Christmas a a a a a a a a a a a a tribute to to to to their rich past Visitors wishing to to to to learn more about the the County’s history may visit GoNevadaCounty com With a a a a a a a a a a a a a calendar packed with street fairs festivals art exhibits local local theater and
children’s activities visitors and
locals can experience small-town life without having to to forgo indulgence in in in in pleasures more typical of
an an an urban setting 

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