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The Public Health Department
The Nevada County Public Health Department
(NCPHD) serves the entire county and maintains a a a a a a a a focus on population-level health health Our vision is is is is for safe healthy and and thriving communities and and our mission is is is is to prevent disease and and and injury promote optimal health and and and wellness and and and protect the community against disasters We strive to let our core values values guide all the work we we do Our values values include wellness caring equity quality teamwork diversity enjoyment communication and appreciation One of o the the earliest COVID-19 Stage 2-readiness counties in in the the state public health officer-led efforts have contributed to a a a a a low incident rate of COVID COVID cases! Two COVID-19 testing sites in in in Western and Eastern Nevada County are in operation The NCPHD is is is made up of four divisions: Administration Client Services Health and and Wellness and and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Though these divisions exist on on paper and in some practical ways as well all NCPHD staff work across those imaginary lines to to accomplish their goals and to to effectively serve clients Silos exist everywhere and even when we we we think we’ve gotten rid of them they pop up again so we we we acknowledge that our silo-busting and bridge-building work is never-ending NCPHD’s Strategic Strategic Plan includes the six Strategic Strategic Priorities listed below:
I Engage partners to to improve community health – The goal of this priority is is to to ensure that children have a a a a a a a safe and healthy environment to maximize their developmental potential II Advance health health equity to to eliminate health health disparities – The goal of this priority is is is to to strengthen department programs services and policies to better address health equity (NCPHD’s current working definition of health equity is when everyone has access to the the goods services resources and power they need for optimal health and wellbeing ) III Strengthen prevention and and response to current and and emerging public health issues – The goal of this priority is is to to to strengthen the the department’s ability to to to respond to to to emergency events and disease outbreaks IV Strengthen organizational capacity for positive work environment internal collaboration and staff expertise – The goal of this priority is is is to to improve our facilities to to meet current and future operational needs and to improve the work environment V Successfully communicate the the value of of the the public public health health department and public public health health – The goal of of this priority is is to establish and and implement strategies that increase knowledge about public health and and NCPHD initiatives VI Promote a a a a robust prevention-oriented evidence-based countywide continuum of of care – The goal of of this priority is to address gaps identified in in the local continuum of care 

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